Zainab bint Jahash

Zainab Bint Jahash (Radhiallahu Anha) One day Allah’s Messenger (salllahu alihuwa sallam) said to the mother of the believers, “Among you she would meet me first in Hereafter whose hands would be long.” Among the mother of the believers, “Zainab was the first lady who died first, and she became the guest of Paradise.” Zainab […]

Umm Salamah bint Abu Umayyah : part 2

Umm Salamah bint Abu Umayyah (Part 2) Abu Salamah took part in the Battle of Badr and once again had the honor of fighting for Islam in the Battle of Uhud. But in this last mentioned battle Abu Usamah Jashmi wounded him seriously in the side with his spear. He underwent treatment for a month […]

Umm Salamah bint Abu Umayyah : part 1

Umm Salamah bint Abu Umayyah (Part 1) The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Allah has commanded me to marry only with the women of Paradise. “Umm Salamah participated in the Ridwan pledge; therefore, she deserved the Paradise. Her real name was Hind bint Abu Umayyah who became famous by the name Umm […]

A choice for the Prophet’s wives

A choice for the Prophet’s wives Adil Salahi At one point the Prophet’s wives made a joint request asking him to provide them with a better standard of living. It was not an unreasonable request, since it came after the Muslim state had enjoyed victories over its enemies and its fortunes were getting much better. […]

Boxer Muhammad Ali’s advice to his daughters

Mashallah very nice exemplar/advice for our Spouses, Mothers, Sisters and daughters    The following incident took place when Muhammad Ali’s (KELAY) daughters arrived at his home wearing clothes that were not modest. Here is the story as told by one of his daughters: When we finally arrived, the chauffeur escorted my younger sister, Laila, and […]

Aasiyah bint Mazaahim , the wife of Pharaoh

Aasiyah bint Mazaahim , the wife of Pharaoh The holy Quran has presented Aasiyah bint Mazaahim as one of the best role models for women. Aasiyah’s greatness is in the fact that although she was the wife of one of the most Powerful, arrogant and tyrant rulers of Egypt, she was able to see and […]

Hijab – American experience

Hijab – American Experience   “I am a Muslim and these are the rules of Islam and I am sticking to them,” says Sara. WASHINGTON – Sara Uddin smiles as she adjusts her black hijab after performing Friday prayers with scores other Muslim girls and women.  Now it is time to go out again, and Sara […]