Tajweed Terminology/Rules : part 3

Tajweed Terminolgy/Rules part 3 Hamzathul vasl : ٱ Hamzathul vasl is an Alif with a curvy damma-like symbol on top of it. That symbol is a small sawd that has been stripped.  Hamzathul vasl occurs only in mus-hafs with usmani script. Rule of Hamzathul vasl ( HV): If HV occurs in the beginning of an […]

Tajweed Terminology/Rules : part 2

Tajweed Terminology/Rules part 2 The Rule of Laam/ Laam Jalalah: Whenever Laam occurs in the divine name Allah or Allah humma, if the divine name is preceded by a fat-ha or damma or vow sakin, the laam is pronounced hard.But if is preceded by kasra or yaa sakin, the laam is pronounced soft. Qalqala : […]

Tajweed Terminology/Rules : Part 1

Tajweed Terminology/Rules part 1 Tajweed means perfection. Quraan means recitation. Mus-haf is our holy book with Arabic text. Anything with translation is not a mus-haf. Makhaarij means pronunciation. Tashkeel means vowel. In arabic, the 3 vowels are fat-ha, kasra, damma. fat-ha (soft)/ Zabar – gives the  a sound (apple/bat/jam……) fat-ha (hard)/ Zabar- gives the aw […]