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Miracles of Quran : Part 4

  MIRACLES OF QURAN (part 4) article compiled from Huran Yahya collections   16. Botany: Plants have male and female Previously, humans did not know that plants too have male and female gender distinctions.   Botany states that every plant has a male and female gender. Even the plants that are unisexual have distinct elements […]

Miracles of Quran : part 3

  MIRACLES OF QURAN (part 3) article compiled from Huran Yahya collections   11. Hydrology : THE WATER CYCLE   In 1580, Bernard Palissy was the first person to describe the present day concept of ‘water cycle’. He described how water evaporates from the oceans and cools to form clouds. The clouds move inland where […]

Miracles of Quran : part 2

MIRACLES OF QURAN (part 2) article compiled from Huran Yahya collections       06. Sun will extinguish The light of the sun is due to a chemical process on its surface that has been taking place continuously for the past five billion years. It will come to an end at some point of time […]

Miracles of Quran : part 1

MIRACLES OF QURAN (part 1) article taken from scribd.com most likely compiled from from Huran Yahya collections.   01.Big bang Do not the Unbeliever see That the heavens and earth Were joined together (as one Unit of Creation), before We clove them as under ?…. Quran (21:30) This explains the Big Bang 02. At the […]


  WHY IS PORK FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM?   Bob: Tell me why is it that a Muslim is very particular about the words Halaal and Haraam; what do they mean?   Ibrahim: That which is permissible is termed Halaal and that which is not permissible is termed Haraam and it is the Quran which draws […]

Charity Prolongs Life

Charity Prolongs Life  MUSLIMS are known for their charity. Ask a beggar, and he’ll tell you. Any person who has even heard a little bit about Islam knows how much charity is stressed in this religion. But charity is not just spending money, as we all know, it constitutes a whole of lot of deeds. […]