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Having Good Thoughts(Husn al-Zann) of Allah in Testing times

Having Good Thoughts (Ḥusn al-Ẓann) of Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) in Times of Trial & Affliction Jābir b. ʿAbd Allāh al-Ansāri relates that he heard Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) say three days before his death: “None of you should die except whilst assuming the best about Allāh.“[1] As Muslims, we should always assume […]

Lessons from prophets

When u are hurt by the people who share blood relations with u , recall Yousuf عليه الصلاة والسلام who was also betrayed by his brothers. When u find ur parents opposing u (in deen) recall Ibraheem عليه الصلاة والسلام who was opposed by his own father. When u are mocked and abused by ur […]

12 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Happy

12 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Happy Are we rewarded for our good deeds in the hereafter only, or also in this life? The answer is in the Quran. In this week’s central ayah Allah ‘azza wa jal says: Whosoever does right, whether male or female, and is a believer, we shall make them live a […]

Break Your Soul as You Break Your Fast

Break Your Soul as You Break Your Fast Ramadan is all about reversing this dangerous momentum. It is a time when we voluntary restrain ourselves from basic needs such as food and drink, and we restrain ourselves from our desires and anything which may lead to sin or even idle deeds of no benefit. When you […]

Why is the Heart So Important in Islam? What will save us on the Day of Judgement? Are we favored based on our race or color? No. Then what is it? It is the place in our body which Allaah subhanahu wa ta’alaamade the location of the most valuable possession of a human being: emaan (faith). It is […]

Tick-Tock: The Value of Time

Tick-Tock: The Value of Time It’s the recipe of our success. It’s the road-map to Paradise. It shows you how to be a winner. Allah ‘azza wajal tells us: By Time, Mankind is at loss. [Surah al Asr, ayah 1-2] We’re on the clock from the minute we’re born until the day we leave this planet.  But […]

How to Review What You’ve Memorized of the Quran

How to Review What You’ve Memorized of the Quran  By: Maryam Amirebrahimi* –  “Shaykh Moheb, I can’t do this!” I vented to my Qur’an teacher. He had put me on a strict daily Qur’an schedule that included review, memorization and reading. I simply could not find the time to maintain it; I was completing my […]