Where Does Halloween Come from?

Where Does Halloween Come from?  Halloween has evolved and been influenced by a number of different cultures and religions, the most important of which are paganism, the Romans, the Celts (the people of Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Wales) and Christianity. However, almost all of the traditions surrounding Halloween as we know it today can be traced […]

Good Friday in Islam

Good Friday in Islam Sami Zaatari This Friday will be the day known as Good Friday, this day is observed by Christians around the world, for them it is a holy day, this is the day in which Jesus was betrayed and taken onto the cross and crucified, hence the Good Friday. Now if […]

Celebrating the New Year

Celebrating the New Year by Bilal Philips January is named after Janus, the Roman god of doors and gateways. He was commonly depicted in statues, carvings and paintings as a two headed man with one head facing forward and the other head facing backwards. In 46BC Julius Caesar chose January 1st as the first day of […]

Should Muslims Celebrate Halloween?

Should Muslims Celebrate Halloween?   It seems innocent enough.  Cute little children dressed in witch, ghost,… costumes go from house to house and ask their neighbors for candy.  So why do religious Muslims, Christians, and Jews believe that Halloween should not be celebrated? Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve was a time for celebration for the […]