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Prophet Muhammad: A Mercy for all creation

Prophet Muhammad: A Mercy For All Creation Allah’s Messenger was the kindest of men in the same way as he excelled all others in courage and valor. Being extremely kind-hearted, his eyes brimmed with tears at the slightest sign of inhumanity. A Companion, Shaddaad bin ‘Aws reported the Apostle as saying: “Allah has commanded you […]

Virtues of the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah

Virtues of the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah ALL praise is due to Allaah, and may He render our Prophet Muhammad safe from every derogatory thing, and exalt his mention, and the mention of his household and Companions. Ibn Abbaas, may Allah be pleased with him, reported that the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) […]

Sixty Tips from the Quran : Part 2

SIXTY TIPS FROM THE QURAN (part 2) 31. Do not backbite one another [49/12] 32. When you meet each other, offer good wishes and blessings for safety. One who conveys to you a message of safety and security and also when a courteous greeting is offered to you, meet it with a greeting still more […]

Sixty Tips from the Quran : Part 1

SIXTY TIPS FROM THE QURAN : part 1 1. Respect and honour all human beings irrespective of their religion,  colour, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession/job and so on [17/70] 2. Talk straight, to the point, without any ambiguity or deception [33/70] 3. Choose best words to speak and say them in the best […]

Kindness of Prophet Muhammad(saw)

The Kindness of Prophet Muhammad (saw)  By: Ali Zohery IslamiCity* – The Prophet Muhammad taught love, kindness and compassion to his people, and was seen to be the most loving, kind, and compassionate of all of them. The Quran mentions his kind and gentle behavior in these words: “O Messenger of Allah! It is a […]