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The Dilemma of Teaching Islam to Contemporary Youth

The Dilemma of Teaching Islam to Contemporary Youth By: Sadullah Khan IslamiCity* – “Train your children with a training different from your training, because they have been created for a period different from yours” [Sayyidna ‘Ali] Muslim youth are under the hammer of two extremes; forced to live in virtually two different worlds. In homes; […]

What’s there to Forgive?

What’s there to Forgive? It is reported that Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam stayed up all night, standing until his feet became swollen. When He was asked, “Why are you doing this, when Allah has forgiven all your past and future wrong actions?” He replied,”Should I not be a grateful slave?” [Sahih Bukhari] A worshipper […]

How to Gain Tranquility in Your Prayer?

How to Gain Tranquility in Your Prayer We are quick to say we’ve submitted to the will of Allah , but does our heart completely back our words? Have we submitted ourselves, or found “khushoo” in our prayer, our actions and our daily lives? “Successful indeed are the believers, those who offer their salaah (prayers) […]