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Giving Sadaqah/Charity

Giving Sadaqah (charity)

One of the scholar “Abu Al- Laith As-Samarqandi” said: Whether it was minor or major, for there are ten good qualities in the Sadaqah, Five in this life and five in the Hereafter.

In this Duniya

1) Allah’s Messenger (sallalahu alihuwa sallam) said : Verily, selling entails unnecessary speech, vowing and lying. Therefore, cleanse it with Sadaqah”

2) Sadaqah cleanses the body from sins, just as Allah the Exalted said : “Take Sadaqah (alms) from their wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them with it.” (9:103)

3) Sadaqah repels disasters and illnesses. Prophet (Salllahu alihu sallam) said : “Heal your sick with Sadaqah”

4) Charity brings happiness to the poor, and the best acts are those that bring happiness to the righteous believers.

5) Charity brings blessings to the wealth and increase in the provisions, just Allah the Exalted said : “And whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah’s Cause), He will replace it.” (34”39)

In  the HereAfter

1) Sadaqah shades its giver from the intense heat.

2) It makes one’s reckoning lighter.

3) It make’s one’s Mizan (scale of good deeds) heavier.

4) Sadaqah helps cross over the sirat

5) Sadaqah Elevates one’s grade in Paradise.

+ it will help in the grave.
So give Sadaqah to get this benefit.


One comment on “Giving Sadaqah/Charity

  1. I agree with you Sadaqah is like elevates one’s grade in Paradise.

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