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From the Heart : Taking this Ni’amah for granted

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wabarakatuhu Ya Akhawaat, Ya akhwatee,

This is my first “from the heart” post though I have enjoyed them for a while. Heart warming posts on hijrah, child birth, sisterhood, our husbands, have all made me think and reflect and really touched my heart. I love to read them and I love the sisters who write them fisabeelillah for giving me a beautiful reminder.

This may not be our typical ‘from the heart’ but it is what has been on my mind nonetheless, and I hope you will all join me on this journey into my heart………
It started one morning as I was awakened by the alarm on my cell phone. I dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom to make wudhu. It is very early, I never get up this early, but alhamdulilah I have a class today. Most days actually, ranging from arabic to tajweed to aqeedah & hadeeth. As I turn the computer on, settle in and pull up “word ” to take my notes, I thought about something. Allaah has made this so profoundly easy for us. I mean, I am sitting here in an air conditioned room, on a computer, in comfortable clothing, taking the essential knowledge of deen from people who are thousand of miles away! SubhanaAllaah!

What a difference this is in comparison to Jabir Ibn Abdullah, radi allaahu anhu who traveled 1 month to sham for one hadeeth! Not because he could not get it from one of the other sahaba, but because he wanted to get it from the highest person in the chain of narration! SubhanaAllaah, at a time when there were no planes, trains or busses.

What a difference taking my notes in wordpad is in comparision to those who used to take hadeeth down on leaves, trees… whatever they could! To Imaam Ash Shafi’ee who was an orphan in the apartment of his mother and she sent him to learn the Quraan. After he finished he turned his attention to the narrations, but he didnt have a note book with which to write so he would collect bones to write on, so he had a bag full of bones & when he would walk they would clank toghter. This, until he memorized the entire muwatta of imaam malik, and upon reading it to Imaam Malik he become his student.

A difference indeed, But the difference between US and THEM is that WE seem to take this for granted. The salaf would be amazed to see how easy Allaah has made it for us to obtain this ilm, but how few of actually have any! One of the later salaaf said “If a man from the salaaf was to raised amongst you, he would not recognize anything from you but your Qiblah”

Do we really understand and appreciate the blessing that Allaah has given us in making this knowledge easy to obtain?

Most of us can say that we have heard at least 1 lecture by each Of the scholars. Do we understand & appreciate the opportunities that we have been given to be able to benefit from these noble scholars, as the messenger of Allaah said “The virtue of the scholar to a worshipper is similar to the virtue of the moon when it is full to the rest of the stars. And verily the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets. Verily the Prophets did not leave behind dirhams and deenars, but rather they left behind knowledge. Thus whoever takes it, takes it as a bountiful share.” – ( narrated by Abu Dawood, tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah).

Do we strive to be like Aaisha radi allahu anha who was the most learned of the women, and one of the ones who narrated the most ahadeeth on the messenger of Allaah, salla lahu alayhe was salaam though often times she did not have food to eat?

As narrated in the hadeeth of Urwah, radi allaahu anhu, “Aisha said to me, “O my nephew! We used to see the crescent, and then the crescent and then the crescent in this way we saw three crescents in two months and no fire (for cooking) used to be made in the houses of Allah’s Apostle. I said, “O my aunt! Then what use to sustain you?” ‘Aisha said, “The two black things: dates and water, our neighbors from Ansar had some Manarh and they used to present Allah’s Apostle some of their milk and he used to make us drink.”

What is stopping us from taking her example? When we make 3-5 course meals almost daily which sometimes we end up throwing away! With out bellies full and our houses comfortable, why is it that we have not memorized ahadeeth? What is it that we hardly know any of the Quraan? Why is it that we only know a few duas to say in our salaat and most of are on autopilot in our salaat saying the exact same thing each time?

Why is it that most of us do not know arabic when we have access to the Medinah books WITHOUT having to attend the university? When we have websites like Taiba University? That we havent memorized hadeeth when we have bukhari, muslim, nawawee, and more online! Why is it that we havent memorized much Quraan when we have ALL of it on cd or tape, by hundreds of reciters and can pick one that matches our learning style?

Do we appreciate the path that Imaam Ahmad and Ibn Taymiyyah paved for us? From being Jailed and what’s worse than that, and here we can sit and benefit from their books, comfortably, but most of us don’t.

SubhanaAllaah, akhwaat, when will appreciate how easy Allaah has made it and take advantage. There is no such thing as too many classes, too much information, too large a load. When will we thank him for these opportunities? When will we beg him to make us appreciative. When will we show the effects of the blessings he gave us for verily Allaah loves to see his blessings on his servants. Dont you think access to this knowledge is a ni’mah, a rahmah?

How many of us put paltalk on and IGNORE it as Sheihk Rabee speaks? Ignore it as Sheikh Yahya teaches? How many know the dates and times for telelinks but dont attend? Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny? (Ar-Rahman)

Dont delay! Dont be heedless! Dont be lazy! But lets thank Allaah and take full advantage of what he has given us before it is too late. Before the eyes roll and the soul is taken. Before we are questioned in our grave and asked about those matters it is obligatory for us to know about. Do you feel safe you can answer these questions while Usool ath thalatha and kitab at tawheed collect dust? While there are many tapes and people willing to teach us these books, and it would be no hardship on us to learn, yet we dont? Dont you want this Ilm to be a proof for you & not against you on that day?

In conclusion, Akhwatee, Shouldnt we be afraid that Allaah will ask us about this? That we will be held accountable for this! Shouldnt we be scared that we may be punished for this? With all the tools at our disposal and we didnt complete the task, Shouldn’t we take ourselves to account before Allaah takes us to account?

Allaah subhana said  Draws near for mankind their reckoning, while they turn away in heedlessness.” [Quran 21:1]

In all of this I speak to my self first, and I seek refuge in Allaah from being heedless and from the evils of wasting time.
I apologize, my dear sisters in Islaam, if this was too lenghty but verily the reminder benefits the believer, and I pray that we take this reminder and rectify our situations immediately, Ameen.

Subhanka Allaahumma wa bi hamdika, wa astaghfiruka wa atoobu ilayka.

By a Sister in Islam 


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