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A leper, a bald-man and a blind-man

A leper, a bald-man and a blind-man 3/30/2011 – Religious – Article Ref: IC1103-4581 By: Thomas Cleary, IslamiCity Teaching stories have been used throughout time as a way to transmit wisdom. In Hadith literature there are a number of stories that have been related by Prophet Muhammad in the context of teaching valuable lessons for […]

Tajweed Terminology/Rules : part 3

Tajweed Terminolgy/Rules part 3 Hamzathul vasl : ٱ Hamzathul vasl is an Alif with a curvy damma-like symbol on top of it. That symbol is a small sawd that has been stripped.  Hamzathul vasl occurs only in mus-hafs with usmani script. Rule of Hamzathul vasl ( HV): If HV occurs in the beginning of an […]