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Tajweed Terminology/Rules : part 2

Tajweed Terminology/Rules

part 2

The Rule of Laam/ Laam Jalalah:
Whenever Laam occurs in the divine name Allah or Allah humma, if the divine name is preceded by a fat-ha or damma or vow sakin, the laam is pronounced hard.But if is preceded by kasra or yaa sakin, the laam is pronounced soft.
Qalqala : Whenever a qalqala letter occurs with a sukoon, we have to stress that letter giving it more emphasis and clarity.
Qalqala letters : Qawf, thaw, ba, jeem, dal
short-cut to remember above : quthubjad
Rules of Noon Sakina and Tanween:
Noon with sukoon and tanween are pronounced according to the alphabet after them.1. Al -Izhar – To pronounce clearly. No ghunna applied.
Letters : Alif, Hamza, ha, ain, ghain, hha (deep one), Khra

2. Al Idgham – To merge
With ghunna Letters : ya, noon, meem, vow
Without ghunna Letters : lam & Raw

3. Al-Iqlab – To change noon sakina to meem. Ghunnah to be applied
letter : ba

4. Al- Ikhfa – To hide partially the pronunciation of Noon. Ghunnah to be applied.
letters : The rest of the 15 letters

STOPS (vaqf)

O  :  end of aayah

meem : compulsory stop to avoid altering the meaning

thaw (hard): normal stop at the end of a sentence or thought

Jeem : permissible stop
eg. 18:5 – Al-kahf

sily (sawd,laam, ya together) or sawd or za : permissible stop but preferable to continue
eg: Al-Baqara V 5(2:5)

qily (qawf, laam, ya together) or qawf : permissible to continue but preferable to stop
eg: Al-Baqara V 13   (2:13)

kaaf : observe as previous symbol in the aayah

Laam alif : prohibited stop

3 dots in a triangle    —–  3 dots in a triangle   : stop at either of these two places but not at both
eg. Albaqara V 2 (2:2)

Note: The sunnah of the prophet (pbuh) is to stop at the end of each aayah regardless of its length. Therefore,
we can disregard the Laam alif  sign in some mushafs at the end of many short aayah.

How to stop :
When stopping on any word, whether at the end of an aayah or a phrase, or merely to draw a breath, the following is observed :

1. Short vowels including tanween are omitted in pronounciation from the last letter of the word. One exception is the tanween of fat-ha (fat-ha-tein) which is pronounced when stopping as fat-ha + Alif (Alif Madd).

2. When stopping on taa marbutah, all vowels and tanween are omitted and the letter is pronounced as haa with sukoon.
taa marbutah : ha with 2 dots (of ta ) on top
eg. Al-ghashiya V 1 ( 88:1) – the last letter of the verse is taa marbutah
3. Alif maksoorah and Alif madd are read as it is.

PAUSES ( Sakt or Saktah)
Sakt or saktah means a pause held for two counts, without breathing during recitation.
Letter : seen or Saktah
eg. 18:1,  36:52,  75:27,  83:14, 69:28



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