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Tajweed Terminology/Rules : Part 1

Tajweed Terminology/Rules

part 1

Tajweed means perfection.
Quraan means recitation.
Mus-haf is our holy book with Arabic text. Anything with translation is not a mus-haf.

Makhaarij means pronunciation.

Tashkeel means vowel.

In arabic, the 3 vowels are fat-ha, kasra, damma.
fat-ha (soft)/ Zabar – gives the  a sound (apple/bat/jam……)
fat-ha (hard)/ Zabar- gives the aw sound (raw)
Kasra/Zer – gives the  e sound (see)
Damma/Pesh  – gives u sound (to..)Shadda – for giving double sound – looks like w
Sukoon – letter without vowel

In tajweed Arabic, some letters are hard or heavy and some are soft or light.

Tafkheem : hard/heavy

Tarqeeq : soft/light

Hard letters

Letter name/with fat-ha        Letter number
Khaw/Khaw                                7
Raw/Raw                                  10
Sawd/Saw                                14
Dhawd/Dhaw                             15
Thaw/Thaw                                16
Zhaw/Zhaw                                17
Ghain/Ghaw                              19
Qawf/ Qaw                                 21

The remaining 20 letters are soft. To say the hard letters try to make your lips like a circle (an angry face). To say soft letters make a smile on your face.

Harakat means count(about a second).

Tanween :
Fat-hatain : 2 fat-has
Kasratain : 2 kasras
Dammatain : 2 dammas

Noon saakin : Noon with a sukoon or no vowel.
Yaa sakin : Yaa with a sukoon or no vowel.
Vow sakin : Vow with a sukoon or no vowel.

Long vowels :
Alif mad :Whenever a letter with a fat-ha is followed by an Alif, the fat-ha sound is prolonged for 2 counts(about 2 seconds).
Ya mad : Whenever a letter with a kasra is followed by a ya, the kasra sound is prolonged for 2 counts.
Vow mad: Whenever a letter with a damma is followed by a vow, the damma sound is prolongedfor 2 counts.

taa marbutah : ha with 2 dots (of ta ) on top
Alif maksoorah : standing fat-ha

Hamzatul vasal : Alif with a curvy/wavy damma like sign. It occurs only in usmani script. It is the first letter in Surah Al-Fatiha.

Ghunnah : A nasal sound associated when u say meem or noon and is held for 2 Harakats.

Meem & Noon mushaddada:
When noon or meem is doubled, as indicated by a shadda, ghunnah should be applied,  duration of which is 2 harakats.



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