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Tajweed Terminology/Rules : part 2

Tajweed Terminology/Rules part 2 The Rule of Laam/ Laam Jalalah: Whenever Laam occurs in the divine name Allah or Allah humma, if the divine name is preceded by a fat-ha or damma or vow sakin, the laam is pronounced hard.But if is preceded by kasra or yaa sakin, the laam is pronounced soft. Qalqala : […]

Prophet Nuh(Noah) : part 3

Prophet Nuh(Noah) : part 3 The Flood begins The ship was constructed, and Noah sat waiting Allahs command. Allah revealed to him that when water miraculously gushed forth from the oven at Noahs house, that would be the sign of the start of the flood, the sign for Noah to act. The terrible day arrived […]

Tajweed Terminology/Rules : Part 1

Tajweed Terminology/Rules part 1 Tajweed means perfection. Quraan means recitation. Mus-haf is our holy book with Arabic text. Anything with translation is not a mus-haf. Makhaarij means pronunciation. Tashkeel means vowel. In arabic, the 3 vowels are fat-ha, kasra, damma. fat-ha (soft)/ Zabar – gives the  a sound (apple/bat/jam……) fat-ha (hard)/ Zabar- gives the aw […]

The Importance of good companionship

The Importance of good companionship Choosing and having good companions is extremely important for many reasons and from many aspects. 1. Mankind cannot live alone; every individual must live and interact with others, and when interacting with others one either influences or is himself influenced. 2. Those people whom you sit with and make your […]

The spirit of Marriage

The spirit of Marriage By: Irshaad Hussain IslamiCity* The Prophet was once asked, “What is more important than prayer?” He replied, “The spirit of prayer” – the spirit that animates the prayer. He was asked what is more important than fasting – he replied, the spirit of fasting. For each question concerning an Islamic practice […]