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Life of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) : part 21

Life of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) (part 21) by Jahir Hasan The Battle Of The Trench   When the Prophet (Pbuh) first arrived in Medinah, the Jews who were living there had welcomed him. The Prophet (Pbuh) had returned their greeting, as he wished to be on good terms with them. An agreement was also reached […]

A cold breath of Jahannam (Hell)

A Cold Breath of Jahannam (Hell) by Asma bint Shameem     Last week, it was extremely cold…. cold beyond imagination.   It was so cold, they said these were temperatures we havent seen in more than a decade. Pipes froze and burst, many people lost electricity and many even died. There was ice everywhere…ice on the […]

Benefits of Surah Fatiha

Benefits of Surah Fatiha   The benefits of reciting Surah Fatiha are described in the following hadith of the the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): Abu Huraira has heard Allah’s messenger Sallellahu alaihuwa sallam(peace be upon him) declare that God most high had said, “I have divided the prayer into two halves between me and my […]