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Life of Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) : part 10

Life of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) (part 10) by Jahir Hasan THE FIRST MUSLIMS   After that momentous day in the month of Ramadan, Revelation came again and again to the Prophet (pbuh). He understood now what he had to do and prepared himself for what was to come. Only a strong and brave man, helped […]

Miracles of Quran : part 1

MIRACLES OF QURAN (part 1) article taken from most likely compiled from from Huran Yahya collections.   01.Big bang Do not the Unbeliever see That the heavens and earth Were joined together (as one Unit of Creation), before We clove them as under ?…. Quran (21:30) This explains the Big Bang 02. At the […]

Hafsah bint ‘Umar

Hafsah bint ‘Umar   One day the Angel Jibril told Prophet (peace be upon him) about Hafsah: “She is an often fasting and worshipping lady and she will be your wife in Paradise too.” [Mustadrak Al-Hakim 4/15] Hafsah was the daughter of ‘Umar Faruq, and the niece of another famous Sahabi, ‘Uthman bin Maz’un. Her […]